Sunday, May 6, 2012

MA WIP contd...

I think I've re-sized and colour balanced as I want to now, although they do appear to look a bit yellow on this blog?  I think these 3 images will be the final 3 for display in the Conversation series, still deciding and playing around!  These 3 images seem to be more obscured and give a sense of the essence of a person, a sense of Benjamin's aura.

Three different decades are represented here in conversation - as Pena noted in the previous comments below, what do these images reveal about the person, about their age and experience?  What limitations can be revealed about the camera capturing a person in a halted 60th of a second?  How do we see our friends, family and people we meet, can we truly describe that person facially when we own myriad expressions? What is so different about arrested images and these blended images? - I would argue that anyone who knows these people would recognise them from these photos, even though no clear facial features are represented...


  1. I recognise them, and I like these - to me, they show the essence of the person.

  2. I too like that they are still recognisable.... it just shows that we use a sense of recognition other than the finer facial features: people we know have some kind of shape/light/aura that we can detect even without the clearest visual image. Nce project topic Nikki :o) Lisa B

  3. I do not have the pleasure of knowing these people, but I don't need to, to be able to see their soul. In the art world, photography has the snobbish name of "soulless portraiture", well these sure have soul. Nikki's portraits have always evoked and stirred emotions, catching that glimpse in someone's eyes that is normally missed by all. But here she has gone deeper and shown us the beauty within the people she loves and regards highly. Some of your finest work, you should be very proud. Pena


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