Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another MA WIP...

Another image from the Conversation series, 50 images layered to form 1 image.  I think the colour balance is a bit more accurate, but still work to do! The framing works much better as well, especially for the series, possibly a bit more refining still required... They're slowly coming together :)

A conversation with Liz... 
Thank you Liz yet again for your help with another photographic project... I imagine Liz regrets the day that she found a house that "would be perfect" for Lewis Lewis and me, just around the corner from her!


  1. Liz does not regret the day....she thinks that your house is an extension of her her has has now doubled in size!! Great photo btw....Nikki Little - you are extremely talented!

  2. Looked at the two photographs and think that the one of Liz is better (though I feel Liz is a smileyer person than comes across)to show what you seem to be looking for, because there is still some of Liz there. The one of Mia looks like a ghost, there is barely anything you can find of Mia left. Although people are multi-faceted they still show a basic person or character. It's more like a whisper of a person.

  3. I understand what JL is saying, but what you have to rememeber is it is very difficult to capture the solidity of youth, our features melt and our only structure left is the skull, which I think has been depicted beatifully in Mia's shot. It has age and experience, the movement shows history and soul without the need of clarity. I think Liz's shot shows she is younger, more structured in persoality, not as free and has a need to be clearer. Personally I favour the Mia shot, but then those that know me, know I have no need for clarity in my life for things to make sense. But isn't that the point of your photo's. How many conversations have we had that have been structure and to a point, and how many have been blurry. Good times my fantastically artistic friend, at least I have one other person that I can waffle this stuff to anyway and pass it off as intelligent! Pena :) x


Another "Lewis" conversation...

Lewis's response to camping...