Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MA Project, WIP.....


  1. Hello beautiful lady.
    I think this is really good.
    I liked the previous one because I preferred the colour etc in the photo's, but I think that as a project this holds together better.
    It feels pretty poignant to me, and gives an eye opener to the extent of sensory deprivation and loss of identity that someone faces during a long time stay in hospital.
    No wonder it's hard to remember exactly who you are, what you like etc ....
    You're brilliant

  2. Captures the feeling of isolation and complete clinical detachment that you get in hospital. Depressing but very interesting piece of work.

  3. Very good. You cant fail to provoked into relating this to personal experiences, first or second hand may it be. Either way this certainly left me feeling extremely glad to have my health whilst realising how bleak and uninspiring an environment a hospital can be.
    Cheers then x

  4. This is so thought provoking Nikki....I know it's our frined who's been suffering, but it does really make you think of how important it is for there to be resources for providing stimulus for all those with long term conditions who are stuck in a bleak environment......I hope I will be more mindful of this whe nI think of the sick, disabled and poor who have such limited stimulus for whatever reason. Well done. xx

  5. Sorry about the spelling mistakes! I was rushing to do this in my lunch break! You got the gist though right? :o/

  6. Hmmm, well to be honest not sure what to make of this? Me thinks it must be too artie for me because I didn't really get it. It isn't the most interesting thing to watch! But I guess that's the point? Doesn't make me feel anything at all!

    Can I have some action pictures next please!?

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I really like it. A very clear message and makes a strong point. Could be very useful in certain charity campaigns and in raising general awareness of the experience some people face everyday. Your work shows great empathy and understanding.

  8. When I first watched this it reminded me of a Japanese or Thai horror movie. And then I thought about Foucault's ‘The Birth of the Clinic: An Archaeology of Medical Perception.’ The sterility and monotony of the institution is dehumanizing and this video conveys that process very clearly, even though we don’t see any subjects being examined by doctors or staring forlornly out the window onto a bleak wintertime landscape. The soundtrack serves as a constant reminder that the hospital, though it doesn’t much look like a place inhabited by emotional beings, is occupied by people. As I saw more photos I could sense how the process of mind-body separation must progress in people who are forced to spend long stretches of time there. Can’t they cheer the place up a bit?

  9. What a stunning piece of work, the rotation and slow clarity of the images will ring true to anyone of those that has had to suffer long draw out and medicated experiences in the hotel NHS.
    A very poetic piece of work, for a good samaritan.


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