Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hurrah for Silvershots Magazine!  I didn't renew my subscription (not sure why, as I really like the magazine and as a photography student find it really inspirational), never-the-less they've seen fit to send me this months copy.  Must be an admin error, or a cunning ploy to get me to renew my subscription.  Think I'll wait til next month and see if I get another free copy?!

One other thing I wanted to mention is, someone has scraped my car AGAIN!  I don't understand how anyone managed to hit it, it's bright red, tiny and parked so far off road it's practically in my living room! and yet I have a nice white scratch on the rear bumper (opposite side to last time - obviously).  I think this scratch is gonna have to stay there as I can't afford to have it re-sprayed at the moment - what with currently being a jobless student! 

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